This was recorded on a Tascam Portastudio MKii and Mastered through a Revox PR99 MKiii.

I wanted to make something as a gift to the people who've supported my music. I wanted to make something reduced. These songs are bare bones, I'll do something more with them sometime soon. They're not all the way nice, not all the way perfect, but they hold - just like love.

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Magic Boy

Bartees & the Strange Fruit

Songs were written, recorded and mixed by: Bartees L. Cox Jr.
Mastered by : TJ Lipple
Images/Videos: Joshua Priestley
Special thanks to Paul Marchesani, Casey Rae, Nick Rapley, Dominic Dellaquila, and Andrew Goetz

This record was made by the following folks:
Carter Zumtobel, Percussion/engineer/noise
Lizzie No, Vocals
Jeremy Deaton, Horns
Emily Sanders, Strings
Dr. Donna Mitchell-Cox, Vocals
Rachael Balcanoff, Vocals
Meghan Seeberg, Vocals
Rachael Balcanoff, Vocals

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